It was wonderful to have Nick and Sarah home for the Easter holidays. We went out to Litchfield which was fabulous. We swam under and behind the waterfall and in the rock pools. The weather is still hot here. This morning my car was 32 degrees at 7.45 and at 7pm tonight it was still 30 degrees.
Hope you all had a lovely and safe holiday. All the best for term 2.

Alice Springs

This week I was in Alice Springs. I flew up Monday morning and then drove out to Santa Teresa about 75km from the airport on rough unsealed roads. The trip took me back twenty years to my first trip to Wilcannia in New South Wales. The road and scenery was very similar. It was interesting going to a remote school and things are a lot different. Lunch time is family time in the community so everyone goes home. Even the teachers went home so there was only the Principal and I left in the school ground, very quiet and hard to believe.

Tuesday I was at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart -Bath Street which is the Junior campus from Transition to Year 4. A good day. I taught a maths lesson to the grade 2s so felt right at home. Then I had time with each of the new teachers in the school.

Wednesday and Thursday I was at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart – Traegar which is from Year 5 to Year 8. It was different planning with secondary teachers but they were a great group to work with. I really enjoyed my week. I will go to Alice Springs for four days each term and spend time in both the schools.

Next week I head back to Katherine, so another road trip. Next term I will go for longer periods and only go once or twice a term and do the rest of the work with Skype sessions and emails.



I hope everyone has settled back into school, their new class, new teacher and new surroundings. I also hope you have made lots of new friends.

Life in Darwin is very good. I am enjoying the change although it is extremely hot from first thing in the morning. I have been to 6 different schools so far to meet the teachers and work with both staff and students. I have had one visit to Katherine so far and have another 3 visits in the next month. It is a long enough drive but hopefully we wont always get the rain we had on our trip last time. Here when it rains its not light it buckets down. I am also heading to Alice Spring in a couple of weeks but I fly there. Living in the city and in an apartment building is going well, probably even enjoying it more than I thought.

I would love to hear how everyone is going and what you are doing.

For my students who are now in grade 3 SMEEBU is a website that helps you get ready for NAPLAN that you might be interested in having a look at.

Take care and have fun.

Mrs Gooch


Well the count down is here. Two more sleeps and I will be on a plane to Darwin and this time next week I will have started my new job. The holidays have been busy packing and catching up with family. I thank everyone for your support and friendship. I hope everyone settles back into school well this year and that you continue with the fabulous progress  made last year. Remember if you have any questions etc. you can put them on the  blog and my email will not be deleted for a while.

Take care and all the best for 2013.

Trish Gooch

Final Week

Our last week will be extremely busy.
Monday we will deliver cakes and cards to RSL House and flats and wish the people there a Merry Christmas.
We will also be getting ready for our Graduation Mass.
Tuesday will be a dress rehearsal for the School Concert happening Tuesday evening.
You are invited to bring along a picnic tea about 6 if you wish otherwise arrive around 6:45pm.
Wednesday will be our Graduation Mass in the MPB at 10am. I extend a warm welcome to you all to attend this.
Wednesday will be our final day for students.

Thursday we are hoping to move all items from the Junior Campus to the Senior Campus and then on Friday unpack some items at the Senior Campus ready for 2013. Thursday we will also spend 2 hours doing handover to speak to each students teacher for 2013 and give background to the learning they have achieved this year in order that they are supported in continued growth next year. Transition Tuesday went extremely well with all students settling into the new classes well.
It is hoped that we will announce the new classroom teacher for the fifth Year 1 & 2 class this week.

A busy week

Special Thanks

Dear Parents,
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and assistance this year. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. May you have safe travel, good health and be surrounded by family.
My nine years at Sacred Heart have been wonderful and I have had many fabulous opportunities. When I moved to Yarrawonga I thought I would only stay in the school for 5 years but the nine have gone extremely fast. This year has been a fabulous way to finish my time here at Sacred Heart. The growth of each and every child in the class has been amazing. I wish them all well on their future educational journey and challenge them always to strive to be their best, to have a go no matter whether they are right or not. Some of our best learning is done when we make a mistake and the correct answer is explained to us.
During my time at Sacred Heart I have taught Years 2 and 3, 3 and 4, straight 4 and now Years 1 and 2. I have had six years as Religious Education Co-ordinator, 3 years as Deputy Principal, 4 years as EMU – Extending Mathematics Understanding Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinator. I have studied theology for a month in Boston and been on a Self-Directed Learning Tour in Canada. These have all been fabulous opportunities and I appreciate having the opportunity to do each. In amongst this I have also been studying my Master in Educational Leadership. Needless to say I have always enjoyed a challenge and have stayed active in my time here.
I am looking forward to the new challenge ahead of me in Darwin. In Darwin I will be working in the Catholic Education Office to help implement the new Australian Curriculum and e-learning across the Northern Territory Catholic Schools.
Once again I thank you for the pleasure of teaching your child this year and wish you all the very best.
Take care,
Yours sincerely
Trish Gooch

Christmas wishes from 1/2 G

1/2 Wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. If you wish to see some Christmas cheer please copy and paste the following links into your top tool bar and click enter. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas from us all.

Joel, Kait, Kali, Huge and Connor Christmas Cheer

Kaitlyn, Joel, Kali, Connor and Hugh send you Christmas blessings. 

Lachlan, Luke, Brayden, Shenalie and Brock Churchin wish you a rad Christmas.

Tom, Emma Richmond, Amielle, Ruby and Cooper hope the joy of Christmas is yours, come and jive with them.

Frances, Ethan, Charli & Emma Golic wish you a Merry Christmas

Henry, Olivia, Brock Symons, Ava & Wyatt say We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.